Smartbones puts the smile on the doggiest of faces!

Smartbones has teamed up with PetSubjects to find Britain’s Smiliest Dog 2020, we’re excited to announce that with over 1000 entries, and over 300,000 votes, the winners have been found!

1st Paddy – 12,769 votes

Tony Corrigan from Leeds said his 12 years old Golden Retriever Paddy makes him smile every day.   “Paddy had a stroke last year and I had to feed him with a syringe. The vets said he would never be able eat or drink without help again, but Paddy proved them Wong. He can’t walk far as he has arthritis and he nearly lost his eye this year too – but he keeps smiling. A lot of people tell me how much they look forward to seeing Paddy on social media every day, there are a lot of lonely people. I was amazed how many people voted for him”

2nd Banjo 11,736 votes

Gem May from Manchester was one of the first to congratulate Tony and Paddy. She told us “Banjo is a truly happy boy. He smiles lots, especially when he knows he is going to have treats or when he’s going to the private field, or when his friends visit.”

“Unfortunately, the public don’t get to see Banjo’s smile because he must wear a muzzle in public due to the breed specific laws.”

“Banjo is roughly around six years old. I adopted him from a local dog rescue when he was a puppy.”

“Banjo makes me smile every day with his antics, he is such a clown. He really does have a way of cheering people up.” “He is definitely looking forward to his SmartBones – he especially loves the peanut butter flavoured ones!”

3rd Poppy 7373 votes

This seven-year-old Bearded Collie is owned by Lisa Brownson from Altrincham, Cheshire.

“Poppy makes me smiles every day, even though she has been through a tough time. She was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia at six months old. She has had surgery on one hip and now has degenerative bone disease – but she is still such a happy dog. “As she can’t walk too far, she has a stroller and we have some lovely trips out. Poppy has many different smiles; she has won the hearts of many. I have many videos of Poppy greeting people when they come to visit, she really does smile! She is my world and helps me so much with my anxiety.”

To see all the entries for yourself please visit the Smilest Dog Homepage;

Smiling through 2020 with Smartbones

2020 has been a difficult year for most, but that hasn’t reduced our pets ability to put a smile on our faces. Throughout August, we carried out a snap survey of pet owners via social media asking people about the happiness of dogs and their owners.

Surprising no-one, dogs have been the perfect companion during the year with people picking dogs as their perfect confinement companion (sorry Cats, Partners and Kids L )

Those surveyed also let us know that there were far more likely to treat their dog over anyone else in the family!

Did you know 96% of Dogs get treats, 72% of them everyday but and 86% of them want more!

“My Yorkies stands near his treat jar and barks till we come and see what he wants. If he wants a treat, he gets one!

Picking the right treat is essential to keeping your pet fit and healthy. Smartbones are made from real vegetables including sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. This delicious outer layer is combined with an irresistible inner layer made of chicken breast for a delicious taste dogs can’t resist! And Smartbones are low fat and completely Rawhide free!

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